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Our story

These are special times for all of us.

The shutdown of cultural life, our life, is unprecedented. From Azotod to the Ziggo Dome, every existing stage is closed. Where millions of people enjoy live music every year, it is now deafeningly quiet.

We understand the need for this. Our health comes first at all times.

Halls close, artists cancel shows, roadies, tour managers, sound people, musicians, bar staff, security guards, the list of people affected by the shutdown of cultural life is long.
Likewise for us, the photographers who are used to taking images during so many shows. Image used by the artists, reviews in newspapers and on websites. The afterglow pages on Facebook and sites of the large halls and organizers remain empty.

We joined forces with a number of colleagues and set up this Rock-Up Store.
A shop window filled with our most beautiful images that is updated daily.

So it is worthwhile to come back again. Over the years we have photographed hundreds of different artists and bands and it is simply impossible to showcase everything here. So it may well be that your favorite artist is not listed now. If you have any questions about this, or about our work that is already here, please contact us via this form .

Together we will survive this culture-less time.

Let's 🤘🆙

Bart Heemskerk
Ben Houdijk
Bibian Bingen
Jelmer de Haas
Nathan Reinds

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